About: KWD offers experienced multidisciplinary branding, graphic, and web design solutions.

Since 2004 k.walling design has been teaming up with corporations, non-profits, and individuals of all shapes and sizes to produce agency-quality marketing and branding solutions. From playing a vital role in nationally recognized campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, to strategic partnerships with industry professionals, KWD has the experience and skill set necessary to exceed your expectations on any project.

Here’s the bottom line — We wish to team up with passionate world changers and help to push their design, marketing, and branding far beyond what we both can imagine. Design and communication is our passion. We love creating something where there was once nothing. We love the excitement and possibilities that each new project brings. We love delivering above what’s expected. If you’re working hard and all fired up about what you’re doing, then we want to work with you.

Although no project, concept, or vehicle for delivery is off KWD’s radar, there are a few things we feel we do exceptionally well (besides referring to ourself in third person):

Corporate Identity: Long-lasting distinctive marks where words are no longer necessary. Designed for practical use and maximum communication with an eye toward developing an enduring identity.

Web Site Development: Hopefully this web site, speaks for itself. By implementing the latest web technologies, and observing all web standards you can be sure your site will give you flexibility into the future.

Brand Development & Marketing: The biggest thrill for KWD is taking a creative head first dive into the development and launch of a new brand. From concept sketches to logo creation to print & e-mail marketing campaigns, the world is yours.